home decorative antique style flower pot

home decorative antique style flower pot
The Specifications of home decorative antique style flower pot
1). The main material is natural plant fibre, such as bamboo powder, crop stalks, rice hull etc.
2). Can be naturally biodegraded into organic fertilizer in the field after they are discarded.
3). No harm and pollution to the environment
4):Seeding pots do not need to transplant
5):Unique and natural texture
6)Good in greenhouse conditions
7):Various designs and colors to choose
8):Allow plant roots to breathe
9):Can be customized to suit your own style and size
10):RoHs testing report and biodegradable testing report available
11)beautiful flower pot
12)Eco-friendly material
13)FDA,SGS ,RoHs approved
14)rich experience

environmental protection , low carbon,circulation,home decorative antique style flower pot

the materials of plant fiber products wer agrecultural of field waste.

wood gathered.etc. improve the orerall utilization of resources.

return to the natural ,plant fiber products can be used in after natural

biodegradable, form the organic matter, can be used as organic fertilizer

stalks, complete resources recycling process, free from pollution to the

environment, to promote the harmonious development of human beings

and the environment.

plant fiber products with material high strength, air insulation effect,widely

used, low costs and natural advantages of biodegradable. widely used in

gardening cultivation ,household products, tableware, toys. household,

decoration materials, etc.

economic and practical, because the plant fiber products used for agricultural

production in the main raw material, low cost, in the product appearance process

can copy wood, metal , plastic, ceramic,characteristics of the materials, the

effect is real, in the metal , plastic, ceramic, etc, the high pollution will be the

iadeal altermative materials.

home decorative antique style flower pot

Advantage of our factory

  1. 15years professional manufacturing experiences
  2. Flower Pots Total solution “,offering various kinds of
  3. Competitive price on stable quality
  4. Prompt delivery , always on time delivery on each order
  5. Factory directly with excellent quality ,superior quality , competitive price .

–Qualification: We are always devoted to producing platic horticultural products with qualified team and facilities,

Professioal and fashionable product design always attract your customer to buy once more.


–Material: PP+PE-made product is infrangible, nontoxic, odorless, heat resistant, corrosion resistant

preventive, water-tolerant, durable and easy to carry. Compared to ceramics

basket, the PP+PE-made one have much more solid quality as well as beautiful appearance

which can be regarded as symbol of high grade.


–Design: fashionable design with rubber base for anti-skidding.

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