Rush Poker Strategy

Rush poker is one of the newest variations of the game and is exclusive to “Full Tilt Poker”. The variation has been designed to increase the pace in the game of poker and it comes with a lot of action, which attracts loads of gamblers and recreational players. At the moment, the game is available only as small stakes no limit hold’em poker (bets from $0.50 to $1). You can choose to get started on a 6 seated or a 9 seated table. The game is the same as the traditional game of poker, except with one important change.

Once you fold or are out of the hand at the showdown, you will be rushed to another table immediately and dealt a new hand. The players are not required for the action to come to them. Instead, they can simply hit the “fold” button, even if it is out of turn and you will be taken to a new table and dealt fresh cards. This is an extremely fast-paced game and offers a lot of thrill to poker players. In other variations of poker, the players are required to wait for at least 20 minutes before a new hand is dealt with them. In this case, if you don’t like the cards, you can simply fold and move on to the next game.

With rush poker, players can see about 300 hands every hour, on average. A few players can also see 500 hands every hour. Since it is an action-packed variation, you need to employ different strategies as compared to ring games. Here, since it is incredibly easy to fold the game, most players will be betting on premium hands only. Once you flop, you would have a better idea whether your opponents hold 2 high cards, an ace with a high card, or a pocket pair. However, you must be careful of the player with the big blind, since if you allow them to limp in the hand, you would have no idea of what they possess. If you wish to play a hand, it would be suggestive to raise pre-flop. This will restrict the big blind to see the flop for free.

With rush poker, you must also re-raise a lot. Here, the players love to fold since they will expect a better hand pretty soon. If you were to raise and re-raise, you will increase the chances of stealing the pot. Secondly, you can always trust the low cards here. While most players will be betting on premium hands only, you can hit trips on the flop and trap your opponents. Rush poker strategy can always be improved with time, however, if you were to use the techniques listed above, you will surely enhance your chances of winning.